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Affiliate Program


If you like to make money,  love longboards, and live in Canada or the United States, we have the perfect opportunity for you.  KICK IT LONGBOARDS is always leading the industry in creativity and innovation.  To our knowledge, there is no other longboard or skateboard company offering their fans an opportunity to make money without any risk.  By all accounts of the success we are having, others will follow our direction.  Kick It Longboards has created the "Affiliate Program" which allows you to make money for every longboard you sell.  It's easy . . .   just follow the steps;


1.  Sign Up - Download the PDF file "Affiliate Program", complete it, save it, and email it to us.  Age is not a factor.  However, if you are under 18 years old, you must have your parent(s)/guardian(s) complete a section on the Agreement.  Once we receive your completed application, it will be evaluated at Kick It Longboard's sole discretion. We will either accept or reject your application.  If we accept your application ,we will notify you of our decision.


2. Make Money - Once accepted, we will send you customized Credit Cards with a personalized "Coupon Code" tracking number.  You can give this card to people you think will buy a Kick It Longboard.  When they go to our website to purchase a longboard, they enter your personalized tracking number during the purchase process.  Our program will track and record the sale for you and at the end of each month, we send you a royalty check.  Please note, for security reasons (aka:  our competition not finding out), royalty amounts are not given until you sign up.  Sometimes your friend or client will forget to enter your tracking number.  If this occurs, send us your name and their name.  Once the sale goes through, you will be credited with the sale.


Affiliate Program Application Form

Download Here

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