kick It Longboards



Are you a competitive individual that has it all?  KICK IT LONGBOARDS is always looking for those individuals that possess stronger than normal longboarding skills, outgoing personalities, and the ability to represent our company in a positive and professional manner.  In return, we provide funds, resources, and services depending on your level of sponsorship.


Age is not a factor.  Your attitude, personality, and skill are the important elements we use when selecting our candidates.  If you are interested, please complete a personal letter or resume that portrays the elements we consider.  You may ask yourself the following questions and include them in your letter or resume.


1.  What is my "real" skill level?  Do I win most competitions that I attend?

2.  How am I involved in my community?  Do I actively help to make the skateboard and longboard sports stand out in my community.

3.  When people first meet me, what do they think?

4.  Am I truly ready for this?


Remember, a video is worth a thousand words.  If you have video posted, provide us with a link.  We would love to take a look.


Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you on our team.







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